Lemon Dill Salm'n Burger

by Sol Cuisine
4.40 (3)
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Most helpful reviews

Just had this for lunch and even just biting this burger by itself is absolutely

delicious. I didn't even put any good combination of toppings on it so it wasn't at the level it could potentially be at. And even so it was really good there's a very strong delish flavor by thinking mixes well with the lemon to create a very robust pallet. Shame this only came in a two pack. I would definitely buy it again and I would definitely recommend it. I don't know that it tastes like a salmon burger that much because I haven't had many salmon burgers in my life. However I imagine it does taste similar to Salmon. The texture is pretty good.

This didn’t taste like salmon to me, but I did really enjoy it! It has

a nice texture and a pleasant seafood-y taste.

This was pretty good, especially considering I was never been much of a fish head.

I really like the dill flavor. #mackenthuns

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