by So Delicious
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  • Is Wondermilk vegan? Yes! Wondermilk is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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Most helpful reviews

This is so good! It tastes very close to what I remember dairy milk tasting

like. It has barely any sweetness. I love it!

This was pretty creamy just like cows’ milk. It was really good.

I have some mixed feelings about Wondermilk. I enjoy oat, soy, and coconut milks individually;

when combined, though, they produce something shockingly dairy-like, perhaps a little too much so. The flavor and consistency were convincing enough that I started mentally preparing myself for stomach pain.
It was creamy and tasted okay cold but wasn’t amazing mixed into coffee and warmed up — it didn’t split, but the taste just seemed a bit off somehow. I think some people would really appreciate the milky qualities of this product (it’s a great source of B-12, too!), but unfortunately it’s not for me. #ditchdairy

I tried a little on its own before making my smoothie and was so taken

aback of how much this tastes like dairy, that I had to read the ingredients to be sure it was vegan, even though I had assumed that all of So Delicious products are vegan. The oatmilk and coconut milk they use is a good blend. I’ve been having this in my smoothies and sauces. Very creamy and great flavor.

I usually dislike coconut milk but this combination was really good. On its own it

was enjoyable and it worked well in coffee, was quite creamy considering the calories. I tried the version in red packaging. Bought at Whole foods.

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