Coconut Vanilla - 10g Protein Bar

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Well I've had this sitting in the queue to be posted for a while. Since,

I've made an adjustment in my diet to eat this kind of thing sparingly when no better options exist. I also want to try to get better sleep.
It has #noaddedsugar but 16g total in a little bar. Inherent sugars vs refined/added sugars behave differently in our system but thats still a lot. I like the short clean #organic ingredient list but these things can be deceiving.
I feel like the higher regularity you eat these kinda things the harder you're making your pancreas consistently work to keep your blood sugar consistently reasonable. Dont want any of my organs working hard. What a scary thought.
Every now and then these are fine.

Another concern with this guy in particular is where the coconut is getting sourced from.

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