Crazy Crispy Chick’n Nuggets

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Most helpful reviews

These were SO GOOD I ate the entire bag in 2 days. They tasted like

actual fried chicken because of the seasoning and I couldn’t get enough! I ate these plain and also made a sandwich. Will definitely be buying again, though I wish the bag was bigger.

#veganchicken #chickennuggets

I would give these nugs 100 stars if I could🤩✨⭐️🌟💫. Growing up I was a

very picky eater (the chicken nuggets and fries only kind of kid) and these are incredible!!! Bought them at Costco and from the bag alone I bought probably 3 bags.

No joke, I went back to Costco the next day to buy MORE bags. My partner and I are obsessed and love eating these in many ways!

So crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside! Not my favorite nuggets but

they are up there on my list.

we baked these and they were as crispy as the packaging advertises. 😌 also, these

are soy-free for anyone avoiding soy.

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