Plant-based Egg

  • Is Plant-based Egg vegan? Yes! Plant-based Egg is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 28%

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Most helpful reviews

Well this is how I transition my dad from regular eggs to plant based eggs.

My friend couldn’t find Just Eggs for me so he got me this instead.

only other time i had #veganegg was a boo boo cos it was catered more for baking i think,n it was powdered form,so that was a fail!

This is convenient, pre-mixed and just pour d amount u want direct to the pan.
I put a wee bit of oil.
Taste was ok,i didn’t add salt n pepper-which i should have done, it probably would taste more wholesome.
I think I prefer it slightly brown or cook it slightly longer at low heat so d batter wld cook fully n not taste like its some lentil mix.

It’s my rest period this month so im indulging in a lot of home cooked meals. I made myself a mini homestyle Sunday Brunch had it with #toast spread with #veganbutter and even bothered to make #guacamole !

I hate leaving bad reviews, especially for companies I otherwise love, like Trader Joe's.
I don't

usually buy these egg substitutes, and prefer to make a tofu scramble or a chickpea omelette. But last weekend I had a request to make some vegan sausage, egg and cheese sandwiches so I bought the Simply Eggless at Trader Joe's.
Frankly, this stuff was awful. The smell reminded me of something that you would grout your tiles with. Although they look like eggs, the texture was weirdly soft. I really wasn't tempted to taste the "eggs", but I had to take a little nibble, and they were absolutely terrible. I definitely wouldn't buy these again.
I really love that Trader Joe's is adding more and more vegan products. But I'm going to pass on this one. Sorry Trader Joe's.😟

#eggsubstitute #simplyeggless #traderjoes

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