Almond Milk, Original

by Simply
4.90 (2)
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 22%

About the brand

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Most helpful reviews

i rarely buy plant milks anymore but when i was in need of its convenience,

this brand was my top choice from the selection of the store!

it was new to see this juice company now offering plant based milks. it contains no gums or additives!!! it is labeled as “all natural” and has overall good and minimal ingredients.

the taste of this milk is so good too. it has such a creamy and smooth taste while being slightly sweet. #ditchdairy

No weird gums or preservatives, just almond milk, cane sugar, natural flavors, sea salt. 70

calories per 8 fluid ounces. Love the nutty flavor and clean mouthfeel. Great in smoothies. I opt for this when rice milk is out of stock.

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