Plant Based Mini Vanilla Cupcakes

by Simple Truth
4.27 (3)
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Most helpful reviews

Tasty … bite sized and so delicious 🤤
I hope they son come in large

cupcake size or maybe even Birthday Cake size.
Highly recommend these.

Loved these, would recommend to anyone who enjoys super sweet baked goods. I was apprehensive,

but the frosting was just right (did not taste too fatty/oily) and the cake itself wasn't dry at all. Pretty addictive treat! In terms of flavor, they remind me of the mini cupcakes sold at Ritual Coffee in San Francisco.

*Photo dump! Going to be posting a lot of reviews to get these photos off

my phone!*

love these little cupcakes sooo much! It's really the only baked sweets that are vegan around my area. They are a bit pricey, but a nice treat now and then. 🧁

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