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  • Plant based chicken Style Pieces
  • Plant based chicken Style Pieces

Plant based chicken Style Pieces

by Simple Truth


4.20 (10)

  • Is Plant based chicken Style Pieces vegan? Yes! Plant based chicken Style Pieces is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 47%

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3 December 2021
The texture I got from this chicken style pieces are so good, the taste is

even better, marinated in some sticky sauce with spicy rice!!!
I really like this chicken style strips because you can really make the flavour ANYTHING you want.
So you can literally replicate any chicken meal.

I mean, how much more easier do you want it?


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Braai. Pie. Pasta. Stir fry. Literally anything. This faux meat is delicious and versatile.

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The best chicken alternative product on the market in my opinion! Great texture, great flavour

- my omnivore mates loved it in a wrap! Definitely buying again 🙌 Just sad that not all Checkers’ stock it 😭

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I'm petty sure this is on the green side chicken - style pieces packaged for

checkers - I ain't complaining!! So convenient to have this available in a supermarket and at R59.99 it's a bit cheaper too. 10/10 for taste and versatility!!

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