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  • refreshing facial wash

refreshing facial wash

by Simple


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  • Is refreshing facial wash vegan? Yes! refreshing facial wash is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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19 January 2021
Kind and vegan 💚 Also cheap as well. #vegan #veganiseasy

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Es para piel sensible y pone que recomiendan usarlo diariamente. Yo llevo 6 días utilizándolo

y la verdad es que no veo resultados aunque si que justo después de lavarme la cara siento la piel limpia.

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Favorite face wash, great price. It can be a little hard to squeeze out of

the bottle but that’s the only downside

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I only use this occasionally because I have more vegan-branded facial wash at the moment

LOLOL. I will start using this ‘full-time’ when my iherb-shipped-from-the-US-vegan-cruelty-free facial wash run out because this is vegan, cheaper and can buy at any nearby pharmacy

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