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  • Moisturising facial wash
  • Moisturising facial wash

Moisturising facial wash

by Simple


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  • Is Moisturising facial wash vegan? Yes! Moisturising facial wash is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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26 November 2021
I bought this at Winn-Dixie one night when I ran out of face wash about

3-4 months ago. Yes, it lasted that long! The price is affordable and the product itself is amazing. I have dry skin and I never felt that “pulling” sensation that some face washes do when it dries your skin out. It’s got a soft and smooth texture and gives you that freshly cleansed feeling after. I highly recommend giving it a try!

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i like that this is scentless. i have sensitive skin and so far this facial

wash hasn't irritated my skin in any way which is great. it's also really affordable, got this in a pack of 3 from lazada (think it was around $5-6 per bottle)

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Me encanto.😍😍
La cremeta es fantástica , el jabon en gentil pero se siente que

si cumple su función y el agua nivelar funciona perfecto lo que si no me gusto del agua nivelar es que huele raro 🤭🤣

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I got it to try it out because I saw it was $3 at tj

maxx. I do not like it that much, I feel like it leaves my oily skin dry. It is a very light formula so some people find this good or bad, depends

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