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  • Hydrating Light Moisturizer

Hydrating Light Moisturizer

by Simple


4.52 (27)

  • Is Hydrating Light Moisturizer vegan? Yes! Hydrating Light Moisturizer is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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15 November 2019
This moisturizer hydrates the skin for up to 12 hours. I don't feel my skin

sticky or greasy after applied. It absorbs into the skin well. #skincare #simple #crueltyfree #vegan #parabenfree #vskincare

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Happy that one of my favourite skincare products is vegan! While it’s stated for use

for sensitive skin, it works well for my oily skin too as it’s very light. Also friendly on the wallet and can be found in most drugstores #veganisnotscary

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hmm i think this is just not suitable for my skin type haha!! even if

the air isnt humid, applying this moisturiser leaves my face feeling oily which i dont like, but it does prevent it from cracking up or feeling tight in australia when the air is really dry. ive read google reviews on this and others do have really good experiences with this moisturiser, so i guess its just not for me!

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