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by Simple


4.80 (10)

  • Is Cleansing Wipes vegan? Yes! Cleansing Wipes is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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24 September 2021
These sorts of wipes are pretty wasteful so I try to only use them during

travel. These were better than average and did not dry out my sensitive skin too much. I would use them again but not as my everyday cleanser. Glad they are vegan though! #veganbeauty

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Good wipe. Cleans well. Doesn't leave a yucky residue. I leave them next to my

bed and wipe my face on the nights when I forget or am too tired(lazy) to actually wash.

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Great! Obviously not super eco friendly due to them being disposable makeup wipes, but they’re

the best wipes out there; especially if you’re using waterproof makeup.

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My go to wipes I use on my face during the day! Wearing my mask

all day I use these regularly so I don't break out!! :)

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