Baking Mat

by Silpat
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I don’t remember how I was introduced to these baking mats, but I’m forever grateful

for the invention🙏🏼
These were originally created for pastry baking🍪🥐, but I use them for any type of roasting/baking in place of parchment paper 🍆🥦🥕🍔 They’re non-stick, easy to clean and durable (I saw a review saying they’d lasted more than 30 years!! until some klutz used a knife on it😓).
Compared to other brands, they’re a bit more expensive. But I’d rather pay a premium upfront to ensure per-use value, and not to worry abt adding another non-biodegradable piece to the landfills, which would defeat the point of getting them in the first place😳
They do tend to stain if you use them to cook well-marinated ingredients like I do (slide left to see the difference). But that’s no sign for concern unless you’re hosting a cooking channel and want to keep everything polished and pretty😉
#abillionlove #sustainable

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