Blueberry Yogurt Alternative Made with Soy

by Silk
4.59 (44)
  • Is Blueberry Yogurt Alternative Made with Soy vegan? Yes! Blueberry Yogurt Alternative Made with Soy is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 64%

About the brand

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Most helpful reviews

This is my favorite soy yogurt. It may be my favorite dairy free yogurt overall.

There are actually blueberries in this yogurt, so if you like fruit in your yogurt thats a plus. The taste & texture great!

Dairy-free yogurt tastes better than dairy yogurt and without the dairy side effect of sticky

So far, all the flavors of Silk brand are taste bud pleasing! Blueberry now joins the positive ratings!
I would like to try it with less additional sugar, if this brand would ever offer. More and more, I like to support brands that are USDA organic to minimize the effects of dangerous pesticides; so that is a suggestion to Silk.
Big corporations need sustainable packaging in the area of compostable/biodegradable! Vegan peace and love

Another very pleasant Silk #yogurt for all of my #berrylover friends out there! Normally I

just eat directly from the cup (less washing up,) but this yogurt deserved proper presentation. Just look at that incredibly rich color! Like the strawberry yogurt I tried previously, this was also fairly sweet and needed a good stir to homogenize. It indeed tasted of blueberries, with the occasional seed or speckle of skin to attest to the inclusion of real fruit.

These yogurts are #teamsoy, so they have more meaningful protein content compared to other bases. They’re even fortified with vitamin D2, putting them on near-equal footing (nutritionally speaking) with a comparable non-vegan yogurt like original Yoplait. Of course, the #ditchdairy option is always better — I just look forward to the day when it’s priced the same — or less than — the stuff that harms animals.

There is something I just love about the colour of blueberry yoghurt 😍 I liked

the strong blueberry notes in general, as well as the texture and consistency of the yoghurt. One of my favourites (I did eat it a day after expiry 🤭) #veganisnotscary #yoghurt #blueberry #berrylover

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