Mild Cheddar Style

by Sheese
4.25 (4)
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Most helpful reviews

I've tried a few different vegan cheeses and to be honest, not been a big

fan...but I really like this cheese. It hails from Scotland and is available at Woollies and Coles in Australia, in slices or as a block. The taste is like a cheddar, the consistency is firm but easy to cut and it grates well. It's great in sandwiches and melts nicely on a pizza or toasties. In my opinion, Sheeze Cheese is definitely worth a try 👍

I swear, this cheese tastes really similar to the animal’s milk one, but without the

strong smell of dairy. We love it in my house. I give it a 10/10

Este queso vegetal es buenísimo para hacer sanguchitos. ¡Se derrite! 😍

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