Mature cheddar style slices

by Sheese
4.09 (20)
  • Is Mature cheddar style slices vegan? Yes! Mature cheddar style slices is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 80%

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Estilo cheddar maduro versión lonchas sin soja y con aceite de coco (23%), almidón modificado

de patata, fibra de avena, almidón de maíz, espesantes como goma guar y carragenato, almidón de maíz y una serie de ingredientes más.

Todos los ingredientes están libres de GMO. Fuente de calcio.

Sabor y aroma intenso y comodidad con las lonchas ya listas para sándwich. Además puede derretirse, gracias al aceite de coco. De vez en cuando lo como y lo añado a bocadillos, pizzas y sandwiches.

🛒 Envase de 200 gramos
ℹ️ Producto de UK
🌱 Sí tiene indicación de producto vegano
💰 Precio 4'69 euros sin IVA


Another product tht im keen to try #vegancheddar. The coconut oil taste in this one

is pretty strong that at first bite it tasted pretty weird. But after that it’s ok.Im not sure if it’s bcos it’s mature #cheddar or if it’s frm the oil.

What i like about it is it’s easy to melt.
Melted pretty fast n well when i made melted cheese toast,but somehow tasted weird when i made it as a sandwich wth chickpeas n vege.

I honestly don’t really like vegan cheese anymore, I’m just not drawn to it. My

grandma gave me this though while I stayed at her place and I’m grateful that she tries to buy me good vegan foods. This one is made with coconut oil and it didn’t taste super great, mostly just very salty (to me at least). Not my fave but still good


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