Vermicelli Dumpling

by Seawaves
4.20 (6)
  • Is Vermicelli Dumpling vegan? Yes! Vermicelli Dumpling is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 70%

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Most helpful reviews

This was really good!! Didn't expect to like Vermicelli in dumplings but the vermicelli pieces

were nice and chewy and not too finely chopped up

Loved these tasty treats with qq vermicelli (glass noodles) inside! 😋

Decent heat-and-eat dumplings. The protein and vermicelli filling is flavourful. Chewy texture. No qualms.

2 PACKS FOR $8++ NOW!! Go get them from Fairprice before the offer ends!! Dumplings

are one of my fav foods and I’m so thankful we have such vegan-friendly dumplings in our supermarket — even Fairprice housebrand came up with one emulating Seawaves’ lel.

Meh. My dad bought this at 2 for $8.95 i think. Uninspiring; it is just

filled with vermicelli and soy protein. Kinda tasteless. I steamed this and ate it as is. If there are ways to improve the taste please let me know I have 2 whole bags to go through.

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