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Eggplant Fries

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31 January 2023
One vegetable (well, fruit) that I enjoy but can’t seem to cook to my own

liking is eggplant so I was on the lookout for the return of the eggplant fries and cutlets to ALDI. Unfortunately my freezer is pretty small and I only had room for one so I chose the fries this time as I figured they may get crispier than the cutlets.

They are easy to prepare and super convenient. It is a large box and a good quantity of fries (1 pound). The only downside is that there are so many varying sizes of fries that it’s hard to get the cooking timing right. Unfortunately a few tiny fries were burnt.

The flavor was nice and the breading added an enjoyable texture. Some fries were crispier than others but none were mushy. I added extra seasoning and dipped in marinara (not included). Not sure I’d love them on their own but paired with a dip they are great!

$4.99 at ALDI


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this is really tasty, I'm not sure about nutritional value but we can't go wrong

with eggplants, right? You will end up asking for more

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