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Good kind pure

by Sally Hansen


4.18 (22)

  • Is Good kind pure vegan? Yes! Good kind pure is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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10 July 2022
Smalto vegano favoloso per colore e lucentezza. Contiene bambù sostenibile e alghe marine. Preso da

Esselunga. Consigliatissimo! #santuariocapraliberatutti

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Soothing Slate. Impressed. I don’t paint my nails often —- but this polish wore well

without chipping and held up to work. Will try another color! #uplandspeak

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Un rosa molto delicato, si applica bene senza creare grumi. Non essendo un semipermanente, non

si mantiene integro troppo a lungo.💅🏼
🛒: Tigotà.

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When, on a whim, I took a notion to actually do my nails for a

night on the town, I went looking for vegan options in my local stores. I chose Sally Hansen's Good.Kind.Pure mainly because I was familiar with the brand. The color I chose is Romantic Peach. I felt the polish seemed a little thin and watery, and I had to apply a couple of coats to get an even, consistent color and finish on my nails. However, once dry, I was pleased with the color. I didn't want something loud/bold, and this gave me a subtle yet noticeable touch of color. I left this polish on for work and found that it got dinged up, though I do a lot activities that would naturally be rough on nails. Considering that I will use this only occasionally and don't want to spend a lot on something I won't use every day, I am satisfied with the performance and overall quality.

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