Reduced Fat Basil Pesto

by Sacla'
4.03 (6)
  • Is Reduced Fat Basil Pesto vegan? Yes! Reduced Fat Basil Pesto is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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Most helpful reviews

I’ve never seen tofu in Pesto before so was intrigued! I couldn’t notice any difference

in flavour (still tasted as good as I remember non-vegan Sacla’ tasting). Such an easy way to whip up a quick dinner, will definitely be buying again.

Reduced fat basil pesto to a vegan recipe. Given this by someone who didn’t use

it, had on pasta today and so good. Full of flavour, i usually make my own pesto as the store ones have so much oil but love that this low fat one is vegan.

I never realised how much of a minefield Pesto was, trying to find a Vegan

one proved harder than expected, even the Tesco Own Brands had cheese. This is a nice one, strong but that's the point of pesto! A little goes a long way. Definitely a cupboard staple

Tried this reduced fat pesto. It's vegan and made with tofu, but it's without salt

so not really tasty to be honest as I am used to the normal one. It's healthy though!

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