Golden Curry Extra Hot Sauce Mix

by S&B
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Most helpful reviews

I’m the girl who loves my Japanese curry with loads of ingredients. Contrary to what

the packaging says, it’s not ‘hot’ at all, but it’s got the usual mild spiciness and flavours of Japanese curry like the ones made in restaurants.

Add chopped potatoes, carrots, baby carrots, fresh tempeh and apples~ I will repurchase!

The curry came in 8 cubes even though the packaging says there are 12 servings

so it was quite hard to figure out how many cubes to cook. We ended up cooking everything anyway lol 👁👄👁 The curry cubes are hard to dissolve and there were still chunks of half dissolved cubes at the end of the day. That was a pity😤 Also, the sauce had a sandy ??? texture towards the end which was not the most pleasant experience. I’m also super thirsty after eating this gahhh... Idk why but personally, I like their liquid instant curry better

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