Cilantro Lime Rice

by RightRice
4.34 (13)
  • Is Cilantro Lime Rice vegan? Yes! Cilantro Lime Rice is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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About the brand

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Most helpful reviews

Much faster to make than regular rice - simply rehydrate in boiling water for 10

minutes. My little brother didn’t even notice it wasn’t regular rice, which is a win for me. The cilantro/lime is somewhat subtle. #protein

This isn’t my favorite flavor (a little too limey by itself, but pairs well with

black beans), but I’m loving these products in general. Obviously more processed than rice but also has more protein and still has fiber. Quick cooking for easy week night dinners.

This was been in my pantry for so long, I forgot I even purchased it.

That being said, it expired in 2021, but that shouldn’t be too bad… right? The taste wasn’t that great - and that may be because of what I mentioned above. However, covered in condiments, it was good enough.

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