Hazelnut chocolate praline soft-baked filled cookie

by Rhythm 108
4.04 (25)
  • Is Hazelnut chocolate praline soft-baked filled cookie vegan? Yes! Hazelnut chocolate praline soft-baked filled cookie is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 57%

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The archetypal swiss hyper sweetened milk chocolate products from the Milka/Suchard brand have for many

decades been able to penetrate our collective subconscious partly because of the typical mauve/lavender purple colour of their packaging. Everyone knows the silly commercials with the purple cow in the swiss Alps’ prairies.
I guess that’s probably why this other swiss brand, Rhythm108, uses exactly the same colour for their vegan cookies.
On opening the package, this specific purple colour already triggers a certain taste expectancy in our brains, that’s how the food industry has got us conditioned since our childhood.
Well, here's the thing: these cookies taste more or less exactly as their non-vegan dairy predecessors.
They have a very soft bite, are very, very sweet and at the center of the cookie there is a small core of vegan praliné cream.
Positive points: no animal products, no palm oil used, organic ingredients. 100% compostable wrapper, a decent amount of hazelnuts (12%).
Other characteristic: Gluten free (baked with gluten free oat, rice flour and manioc as cereals). The manufacturers state that the cookies are “hand-baked”. But if they are able to produce in quantities to export abroad, what do we have to imagine when reading “hand-baked”?
Many will probably like the cookie, for me it is all too sweet and sugary. The cookies contain 26 g of sugar per 100 g. That is a lot. Of course, tastes can differ.
Price: 2.05 euros for a 50 grams, individually packaged cookie. That is expensive. It is really a rip-off, knowing we are able to bake packaging free cookies at home with healthier ingredients and less sugar, for a fraction of that price.
Having a compostable packaging sure is good, but the best packaging is the one that needs not be produced in the first place.
#glutenfree #palmoilfree #compostable #ditchdairy

Delicious, soft (and not dry) with a gorgeous praline centre and crunchy hazelnut pieces. It

was so nice, but smaller than I expected, and it kinda fell apart in the packet. Expensive for what you get and the packaging feels wasteful, but damn it tastes good 🍪 #hazelnut #cookies #chocolate #praline

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