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I’m reviewing tea today, this one’s an easy like, peppermint is one of my favourites

along with chai.
#veganisnotscary, but ignorance is (16)

I was hoping to review a new dish and put a new restaurant on the map yesterday. The menu stated that many of their dishes could be made vegan. I chose a dish usually made with pork, chicken or beef. The dish came out with tofu but still had egg in it. It’s not the first time my order has been screwed up, but what made my blood boil was that their menu specifically stated dishes could be made “vegan” but they appeared to not know the difference from vegetarian. Totally unacceptable, and possibly why I couldn’t find the restaurant on the Happy Cow app despite their claims. In time, I’ll have to review them somewhere else. Just going to stick to exploring the known eateries for a while.

However, this isn’t going to spoil my tea. I have the #9090challenge to finish. 😸

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