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  • Kokos mandel creme

Kokos mandel creme

by Rapunzel


4.37 (23)

  • Is Kokos mandel creme vegan? Yes! Kokos mandel creme is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 43%

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26 September 2022
Buonissima , molto delicata, innamorata al primo assaggio , comprata su internet “iafstore”

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The three ingredients are coconut cream (40%), almond cream (40%) and dates (20%). It’s a

bit too sweet maybe but overall I’m very satisfied with this product. I couldn’t stop myself from eating it with a spoon :) quite expensive though (around 7€)

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it tastes too greasy…almost anything I tasted was coconut oil. It‘s not even very sweet.

I gave it away. #fail #sadvegan #dogsofabillion

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Io amo questa crema! ricorda molto la crema dei “Raffaello” ed è perfetta per chi

adora il cocco 🥥🌱 l’ho messa nei pancakes e li ha resi super golosi

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