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  • Veganskivor rökt smak
  • Veganskivor rökt smak

Veganskivor rökt smak

by Quorn


4.16 (9)

  • Is Veganskivor rökt smak vegan? Yes! Veganskivor rökt smak is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 83%

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Most helpful reviews

11 August 2021
Don't like this product on it's own, but on bread it's really good. Preferably with

some butter and mustard.

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I’m not use to eat it because it remainds me to much the flavour of

meat but it’s a good product

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A very solid option to ham. Taste is pretty good and nutritionally it ain't half

bad either. I my opinion it's currently one of the best options.

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"Fun" fact but the last meat i ever ate was a ham sandwich 13+ years

ago. Dunno how these compare but as its own thing theyre decent. Probably wouldnt buy again bc i just dont know what to do with them lol

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Good alternative to ham. Plain taste good to put in a sandwich with some vegan

quorn cheese

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