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by Quorn


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  • Is Pepperoni vegan? Yes! Pepperoni is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 58%

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14 December 2020
The texture could be better it’s a bit strange at first but I enjoyed the

flavour and they do taste spot on to pepperoni. They go great with cheese and crackers and they also cook well, would be great for making a pizza but I just used them to spice up my lazy pizza on toast 😅

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Wasn't my taste. Although I remember these from when I was vegetarian eight years ago

and to me they still taste the same.

This rewiew is in aid of Willows Animal Sanctuary and their wonderful work #willows

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Fette al gusto di salame. Sembro matto io che ho adorato tutto ciò che abbiamo

mangiato con Irlanda (tranne il poro Tuno) ma oh, anche questo è da mangiare anche a colazione 😅 Squisite ;)

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