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Chicken Free Slices

by Quorn


4.21 (134)

  • Is Chicken Free Slices vegan? Yes! Chicken Free Slices is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 11%

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12 December 2020
I honestly friggin love these. My go to snack in my eating days were cold

cuts and it just feels so good to be able to snack on a few slices again while I stare glossy eyed into the fridge

#quorn #veganchicken #vegan #veganisnotscary #veganin2020 #sandwich #snack #vegansnacks

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If you miss the taste of chicken (in this form), this might be the best

imitation I've ever tried and that's probably why I don't really like them 😬 Or maybe it's the texture + how slimy it is that I don't completely like, I'm not sure.
They're not bad in wraps though with some greens and vegan cheese 👍
#nochicken #chickenslices

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Although they are not as tasty as the Smoky ham free slices, they are very

good as sandwich fillers or as an adding on pizza. I suggest to try them with artichokes in oil (typical Italian delicatessen), their tastes mix perfectly!
Unfortunately, Quorn decided to stop selling in Italy, so they won't be here for long. I hope they will rethink their decision and make them available to Italian consumers again.


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Tasted just like chicken deli slices! Great source of protein too 👌🏼 Normally £1.50- £2

but found this in Heron Foods for much cheaper! Can't remember how much now though.


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