2 Battered Fish Free Fillets

by Quorn
4.28 (58)
  • Is 2 Battered Fish Free Fillets vegan? Yes! 2 Battered Fish Free Fillets is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 30%

2 battered fish free fillets are a quick and easy meal option made with a plant-based protein. Each fillet is coated in a crispy batter, providing a balanced texture. The mild fish-like flavor is sure to satisfy your cravings for a classic fish and chips dish. These fillets are vegan, making them a guilt-free option. Customers have reported enjoying the taste and texture of these fillets.

About the brand

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Most helpful reviews

Quorn es mi salvación diaria. Todo el no-pescado que tengo es de esta marca, salvo

un par de productos que no ofrecen.
Los filetes son espectaculares y siempre me acompañan la ensalada o las verduritas. Con un toque de limón quedan muy buenos. #quorn #barcelona #barcelonavegana

This product is just…Surreal! I should have never forgot about ‘Quorn’s brand, but the difficulty

of finding it, due to it’s high price, left me with no alternative. Years passed and got another chance to enjoy it. The texture of this fish-a-like fillet is frankly insane. Regarding the flavors, I could not find any lemon but the pepper did a great job. Also I feel like it’s healthier than other options as this can be prepared in the oven, and not deep fried to get this yummy golden color.

No sé si porque lo freí demasiado o si hice algo mal, pero no me

supieron demasiado a los filetes empanados estos de pescado...

Da un ligerisimo regusto, pero como cualquier otro filete empanado vegano. Y además por el precio creo que no compensa 🙂 pero comprobadlo por vosotros mismos.

🌼 Santuario 🌼


These are so tasty , and have the same texture has fish, a brilliant alternative

well done 👍 quorn ❤️ #abillionlove ❤️

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