Salty Tempeh Chips (Non Garlic)

by qsnack
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I think I’ve been spoiled #rancid 😵 While this objectively was a great pack of

#tempehchips, I couldn’t help but compare it to the pack I had in Penang 🏝️ Everything I have has to live to those standards now and as such, this came off a little too “damp” and a touch too salty. While it’s lack of garlic element I appreciate, I can’t help but feel like it was lacking something. It’s not adequately spiced, I think. I pretty much do a #vegansnack binge every time I’m around @m1tch9i so we actually have 2 flavours more to go & I can only hope they excel much better than the original 😬 Especially since they cost RM7 for a snack we finished in a literal single sitting!

Ehhh… Maybe it was ever since these particular #tempehchips from KL 😅 but it’s been

a long while since i’ve had any #tempeh #chips that wasn’t just mid 🙂‍↕️

I feel like these were thicker before they got too big for their bridges and mass commercialised 🧐 There was some faint visage of the tempeh flavour but perhaps the lack of #salt didn’t allow the flavour to truly shine 😗 It was just barely #crispy enough to be acceptable in my book but really nothing impressive 🥲

These were somewhere around RM5 🙂‍↔️ which ain’t gonna cut it for an #airmerchant 👎

I’m afraid i can’t recommend this #snack in good conscience 🫣

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