Coco2 Original

by Pureharvest
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Coco² is a delicious and nutritious all natural spread that harnesses the flavour and benefits of coconut and cocoa. It can be enjoyed on breads and toast, as a great addition to a drink or smoothie, as a dip, warmed for an amazing fondue or just straight from the jar.



About the brand

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Most helpful reviews

A straightforward cocoa-coconut spread: Cocoa powder and coconut oil, with rice malt syrup and vanilla.

Amazing as a spread, or to add in your drinks, smoothies, shakes and to use in your sweet recipes. Also good for eating right out of the jar.

I love this spread, I can’t believe I ever liked Nutella when this is far

nicer. Keeps getting pillaged by twelve yr olds though…

Was never a fan of coconut but got it just to try since it was

less than $4! Rly thicc, not creamy but sticky bc the first ingredient is rice malt syrup. Could be more chocolatey but I like that the coconut taste is not very pronounced. definitely not a Nutella but it’s own genre

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