Coco² Hazelnut

by Pureharvest
3.85 (13)
  • Is Coco² Hazelnut vegan? Yes! Coco² Hazelnut is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN


About the brand

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Most helpful reviews

Very nice spread with a strong coconut flavour. Very different and healthy. New alternative to

peanut butter and similar spreads for me #worththecalories

Cocoa and coconut spread, with hazelnuts. A lovely treat, as a choc spread or topping

on your favourite ice creams, waffles, milkshakes, Whatever tickles your fancy.

I have grown to like this spread as i use it more frequently. It has

a really sticky consistency (somewhat like brown rice syrup) unlike your normal nut butter spreads and has a sharp but not too overpowering kind of sweetness. It would be better if the chocolate and hazelnut flavours are richer :) the cinnamon powder i added compliments it really nicely too! #spreads

Lovely spread actually, I think first time I tasted it I said to myself “this

is Nutella for vegans.” I find that these sweeter spreads are best enjoyed with white bread (blegh I know) OR a nice chia seed loaf. I’ve also been thinking of adding it into my banana smoothies but have yet to do so.

Yummy and nutritious all natural coconut, cocoa and almond spread. From my favourite brand Pureharvest.

Spread it with sourdough for a couple of days but it was very fast finished by my family. Definitely a good alternative to Nutella.

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