Chicken & Mushroom Pie

by Pukka Pies
4.16 (66)
  • Is Chicken & Mushroom Pie vegan? Yes! Chicken & Mushroom Pie is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 57%

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Most helpful reviews

I loved the seasoning and flavour combinations in this pie. It had a bold flavour

without being overpowering. The pastry was flaky, crunchy and golden. My only criticism is that I would have liked more of the “chicken” chunks in the filling as I found the filling was slightly grey and gooey and needed a bit more solid stuff to give it substance. Decent amount of filling though and I will definitely buy again as I loved the taste and its quick and easy. #pukka #mushroom #nochicken

I didn’t eat this, hubby did. He really liked it having really missed a chicken

pie. The Birdseye ones aren’t great but he did really like these and often on offer for £1! #willows #vegan

Chicken and Mushroom pies are my absolute favourite ! And this is probably going to

be our go to ! As we all know by know, I'm a bit fussy and find pastry hit or miss on a pie ... But there is absolutely nothing that I don't love about this pie !
As a family, we are trying to be more vegan and this was our first vegan meal ! (Total accident, we didn't know the stuffing was vegan and the gravy so happy accidents)
Anywayy,,,, totally recommend

Forgot to take a pic of the box !

I love pie & mash … pie

& chips … pie with Sunday roast!!’ I love pie & the pukka chick’n & mushroom pie is lovely


I'm a big mushroom fan, and chicken is the only kind of meat whose taste

I ever miss, so this new pie from Pukka appealed much more than their alternative steak flavour. The soy "chicken" seemed to me an authentic substitute for the real thing; however, I didn't really notice the mushrooms and would have preferred bigger chunks. The suggested 25-minute oven time was just right for a crisp, golden pastry. All in all, a pleasant centrepiece to a simple meal which some diners might be surprised to learn is completely vegan.

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