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Hickory smoked

by Primal Strips
4.48 (17)
  • Is Hickory smoked vegan? Yes! Hickory smoked is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 60%

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Most helpful reviews

Wow! How the heck do they get it to shred like this?! Love the chewy,

tender texture and the smoked flavor is great. I’ve never had real jerky so I have nothing to compare this to. This is delicious. 💲1.80ish

#jerky #veganjerky

Si nunca fuiste fan de la carne seca quizás esta que está hecha a base

de soya no parecería una buena primera elección como botana ¡pero son muy buenas! Ideales para viajar o por si se te hace tarde y tienes que desayunar en el auto.


This has the same texture of meat it’s actually SCARY 😭 if u liked jerky,

u’ll love this. I don’t like how it’s sweet & savory tbh.

10g protein though!!! 😍


This is pretty good vegan jerky. It has a nice chewy texture, and the hickory

flavor is delicious. #veganisnotscary

One of their better flavors! Not necessarily a dry jerky, more of a meatless snack.


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