Sour cream alternative

  • Is Sour cream alternative vegan? Yes! Sour cream alternative is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 35%

About the brand

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Most helpful reviews

I’ve made recipes for sour cream before using silken tofu and cashews but they weren’t

my favourite... This sour cream is so good! It does taste a little like coconut but it’s not too much! The texture is spot on! I tried it on tacos, taquitos and a taco salad and it was delicious! Would purchase again! 10/10 🌱😌

WOW! I absolutely loved this sour cream alternative. Firstly, the taste is almost exact to

regular sour cream, I nearly had to do a double take to ensure I wasn’t consuming something different. The texture is a bit different from regular sour cream, this is far fluffier and whiter in colour, but nonetheless just as tasty, and I honestly prefer the lightness it offers. It is a coconut based product, yet doesn’t have any offensive coconut flavours. 100% recommend. Get your hands on this now.

I already knew I didn't like this sour cream but it was 50% off and

I wanted chip dip. It's not terrible for chip dip but it's so coconutty (yet not sweet) it's hard to forget it's vegan... unlike Tofutti. Don't try to fool any omnivores with this haha

This vegan sour cream is honestly so good. I used to love dairy sour cream

before going vegan many years ago, and eating this brought me back to my childhood. Delicious, creamy and no weird after taste. Definitely recommend on burritos, tacos and in desserts!

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