Clever Mojito

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I got this can of Clever Mojito at Toronto’s Planed Expo show in

April. It was handed out as a free sample. Naturally, it’s alcohol-free (it’s illegal in Ontario to give out free alcohol).

It’s probably been 15 years since I’ve had a mojito. The scent and taste of mint really captivated me. We’ll, this Clever Mojito didn’t disappoint. It’s delicious, refreshing and the mint is intoxicating. I smelled it as soon as I had opened the can. It’s amazing how this alcohol-free beverage mimics the taste/smell of its alcoholic cousin so accurately.

I have no idea what it retails for, but it’s probably not cheap or reasonable. Presumably it’s available at LCBO stores; it got to look for it. On a hot day (there’s been no shortage of them lately in Toronto), it hits the spot.

This is a bold and refreshing alcohol-free mojito with just the right amount of minty

flavour. A bit on the expensive side ($3), but a nice treat. Would buy again for sure.

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