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Coconut Milk

by Pot o’Gold


4.28 (22)

  • Is Coconut Milk vegan? Yes! Coconut Milk is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 61%

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12 March 2021
I love coconut milk it’s so delicious, anything with coconuts is so delicious and so

good for you, definitely a must try, it’s nice and sweet but you don’t have to have any regrets because it’s a healthy sweet 😋.

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Coconut milk. Awesome. What more can I say ☺️ Made a choc milk drink with

it, blended it with dates and cacao and was splendid.

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Not the best tasting, but it's way cheaper than most brands and is perfect for

when you want to add coconut milk where the flavour would be overpowered by the other I ingredients, like a curry or a stroganoff


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I think for a reasonable price, Pot O' Gold's coconut milk is worth it. I

do wish that the milk was a little more runnier than the coconut cream. It's more or less the same consistency, which I'm not the biggest fan of.

Still a good product though, great for food and desserts. #PotOGold #coconutcream

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