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No sausage roll

by Plant Pioneers
3.86 (20)
  • Is No sausage roll vegan? Yes! No sausage roll is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 76%

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Most helpful reviews

A perfect quick snack for work.
Tastes great, I love the pastry.
I haven’t tried it

hot yet.
It goes well with a drink to hand as it could be a little dry on its own but the price is low.

Found in Sainsbury’s 🛒😊

My absolute FAVOURITE ready to eat Sausage Roll, you can’t taste the mushroom which is

a big plus for me.

Although my favourite sausage rolls remain the ones from Morrisons (magically disappeared from their bakery

lately), I have to say that Sainsbury’s Plant Pioneers one is not bad and I enjoy it when it’s cold, as an “on the go lunch”.

In general I prefer sausage rolls when they’re cold honestly, they taste less like meat to me. This comes for £1.75 - pretty honest price - and it’s good enough, better than Fry’s Family chilled sausage rolls to me. I also enjoy the 4 mini sizes of the same product 😋 nothing special but overall good!

#veganin2020 #day9 #vegansausageroll #sausageroll #Sainsburys #meatless

I ate this cold for a quick lunch snack and it was quite nice, it

had a good peppery flavour and the pasty was soft and crumbly. I only bought it as it was reduced, not sure if I would repurchase otherwise
#sausageroll #veganin2021 #veganuary

Bought in Sainsburys cafe and they heated it up for me. It was nice but

has nothing on Greggs sausage roll.
Was good as a little snack but probably wouldn't buy again unless I was really hungry and it's the only option.
Glad to see more vegan options popping up though.


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