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No Chorizo & Grilled Peppers Pizza

by Plant Pioneers
3.98 (10)
  • Is No Chorizo & Grilled Peppers Pizza vegan? Yes! No Chorizo & Grilled Peppers Pizza is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 80%

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Most helpful reviews

Esta pizza fue comprada para mí. Me sorprendió gratamente que el chorizo ​​no tuviera

sabor a carne. Una sabrosa pizza en general.

A good frozen pizza tho the bits of chorizo were a bit weird. I added

mushrooms. Good value and I would buy again

Peppers on pizza we aways a good idea and I did enjoy this, with the

addition of some jalapeños and BBQ sauce. The ‘No chorizo’ pieces were slightly dry after cooking and not really reminiscent of chorizo. Doesn’t take away from this being a really good pizza #ashers #pigsnpaws #greyton #willows #southernveganupnorth #northernireland #roomtoread #veganin2022 #pizza #veganpizza

Plant Pioneers has been releasing a lot of good vegan options recently! I love this

no chorizo pizza. Crispy crust, lovely tomato & basil sauce, the grilled peppers were a great touch and surprisingly went well with the no chorizo pieces and the cheese alternative is great. Although the texture of the pieces is a bit weird, but I can get over that because this pizza is really good! And this is priced great. Not that healthy, but what pizza is? !

💴 £1.75 in Sainsburys

#plantpioneers #vegan #veganpizza #pizza

Loved this pizza, was a bit worried about the chorizo but actually I really liked

the vegan chorizo a bit chewy and a bit spiced but having never had meat chorizo I was pleasantly surprised by this and it made the pizza really enjoyable

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