6 Buffalo No Chicken Wings

by Plant Menu
4.25 (4)

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These vegan chicken drumsticks are from Aldi. They are very affordable and taste decent! When

baked in the oven the coating gets nicely crispy. Definitely worth the price. #veganchicken #buffalo #aldi

🍗 These were just awesome! Every so often I really crave fried food like this

and these really hit the spot. I’d get them again in a heartbeat💓 but I didn’t see any more at the Aldi or even a price 🏷️tag which is a shame. They were slightly 🌶️spicy, crunchy, and chewy. Yum! 😋Not the healthiest of course but a treat for once in awhile if you can find them! #veganisnotscary #veganjunkfood #veganchicken #chicken

🥕 Yuka: 🟠 Poor 48/100

I got these #buffalo wings from Aldi for £1.99. They only take 18 minutes in

the oven at gas mark 7. The flavor was great. They were on the sweeter side of spicy but very good. The texture is great, like any other frozen “chicken” product. I would definitely buy these again 😊
#aldi #chicken #wings #frozen #cookout

Decent product from Aldi. Cheap and tasty. Good for people who still want the faux


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