Battered Fishless Goujons

  • Is Battered Fishless Goujons vegan? Yes! Battered Fishless Goujons is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 30%

About the brand

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Most helpful reviews

These were made with wheat gluten, rice flakes amongst other things and had a great

texture. They tasted fishy but not too fishy and reminds me a bit of fish cakes. Enough for three people so quite good value. I’d definitely buy these again, shame they don’t come with tartare sauce but I made my own from Mayo, gherkin, lemon juice, salt , pepper, salad cream, dried dill mixed together and yummy!

Wow I love this ! If you miss fish and chips this is a must

, mushy peas all the way

Plant Kitchen fishless goujons
👍 coated in a thick herby, crispy batter
✔️ made from rice protein

good size
✔️ does not have a strong fish taste
👍 stays true to a battered fish style
✔️ great in a sarnie with vegan mayo and gherkins, with sweet 🍠
👎texture slightly soft and needs more seasoning
🛒 M&S

#fish #seafood #veganfish

Hmm.. I wasn’t a big fan of these to be honest, I thought the flavour

was okay (subtly seafood-like but not overpowering) but the texture was too mushy and had no bite to it. I had them in a sandwich and it was honestly like eating mashed potato between two slices of bread (and not even in a good way!). I genuinely preferred the much cheaper Birdseye veggie fingers that I was eating at the same time #veganisnotscary #day72 #1reviewaday

These took about 10 minutes to cook in the air fryer…not much fish flavour but

they were still really tasty. You get 6 in a pack so I froze half. I will definitely get them again and even better when they are reduced🙏🤣😍 #veganfish #plantbasedfish #stopkillinganimals

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