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  • Battered Fishless Goujons
  • Battered Fishless Goujons

Battered Fishless Goujons

by Plant Kitchen (M&S)


3.94 (25)

  • Is Battered Fishless Goujons vegan? Yes! Battered Fishless Goujons is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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11 December 2021
Hmm.. I wasn’t a big fan of these to be honest, I thought the

flavour was okay (subtly seafood-like but not overpowering) but the texture was too mushy and had no bite to it. I had them in a sandwich and it was honestly like eating mashed potato between two slices of bread (and not even in a good way!). I genuinely preferred the much cheaper Birdseye veggie fingers that I was eating at the same time #veganisnotscary #day72 #1reviewaday

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20 October 2021
The fishy taste was spot on but my main gripe is the texture.

While the outside was nice and crispy, the inside was a lot more mushy than I would’ve liked. When I looked at the ingredients, not surprisingly the main one was potatoes. Glad I decided to chop it up and have it in a salad rather than with chips cuz that would’ve just been potatoes with potatoes 🤣 Overall, not sure if I’d get this again as I’ve had better fish...

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18 October 2021
Surprise surprise, M&S smash it yet again.

These are a good size, have a crunchy outside and flakey, fairly fishy inside. Delish.

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29 October 2021
I know this sounds mad but these were too fishy tasting.

Maybe it’s because I haven’t eaten fish for years but I won’t be buying them again. Good for those who like the taste of fish.


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