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  • Oatmilk Extra Creamy Original
  • Oatmilk Extra Creamy Original

Oatmilk Extra Creamy Original

by Planet Oat


4.62 (44)

  • Is Oatmilk Extra Creamy Original vegan? Yes! Oatmilk Extra Creamy Original is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 80%

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29 May 2020
Always a fan of supporting #oatmilk over nut milks to avoid the huge water demand

and other negative environmental implications with nut milks - this milk makes it easy! Creamy without the usual starchy taste from other oat milks, with just a little sweetness to it. Love this #staple!

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This definitely has a creamier, thicker texture than the non-creamy version. Also more calories, too.

I love adding this to coffee (as well as oatmeal). #uplandspeak

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I was surprised how much I liked this oat milk. I’m #teamsoy all the way.

I got this cuz as usual my fav Soy Milk was sold out. Good to know I have a good second choice from now on.

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