Rustic Minestrone Soup

by Pick n Pay
4.03 (6)
  • Is Rustic Minestrone Soup vegan? Yes! Rustic Minestrone Soup is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 1%

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Most helpful reviews

Nice to find Vegan soup options at PnP that are not just vegetable but I

was not such a big fan of this, I felt it lacked flavour.


I often buy this minstrone soup from Pick 'n Pay. Lovely meal on it's own.

Even amount of all the ingredients and well seasoned.

Not wow but a soup I’ll have again - nice to have for those cold

days - super red so expected it to be very tomato-e but thankfully not - nice chunky veggie pieces as well

This soup isn’t anything special but it’s a good option for a quick meal on

a cold day.

The soup was tasty. I froze it at home and took it out on a

cold day.

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