Petal Fresh Organics Volumizing Shampoo

by Petal fresh
3.00 (3)

About the brand

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Most helpful reviews

He usado este shampoo por más de un mes. No me gusta como deja el

cabello, me queda como seco y se me esponja mucho, necesito ponerle algún producto como acondicionador o una mascarilla.


The best shampoo I have ever bought!
My original hair texture is thick and

voluminous but after I moved to Singapore, my hair always felt limp and dull.Probably due to the weather or I wasn't using the right products. Then, one day I came across Petal fresh Organics brand at a super market. The fact that it was vegan,organic and cruelty free got my attention. This shampoo claimed it could help bring my volume back as it consisted of Rosemary and mint. I wanted to give it a try. Trust me, this shampoo does exactly as it says but on the downside, it did make my hair dry.Pairing it with a good conditioner helped.
Overall, satisfied with the product and would definitely recommend it!

It’s not awesome, just good, maintains a healthy hair with volume

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