Mineral Bronzing Sunscreen

by Pacifica
3.80 (5)
  • Is Mineral Bronzing Sunscreen vegan? Yes! Mineral Bronzing Sunscreen is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

About the brand

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Most helpful reviews

Love the color! It’s like self tanning and spf protection all in one. Definitely needs

time to dry. Love most Pacifica’s products

This is a really nice sunscreen that gives you a little glow after applying. Make

sure you use a little and let it dry. Otherwise, it’ll feel heavy on your skin. I really like it. It’s like tinted moisturizer for your body! 😎

This sunscreen smells nice and is pretty good as a sun protectant. The bronzing does

have a nice glow, but can come off and get on your clothes/suit if you go in the water.

mancha MUCHO, y aunque es buena y me gustó, tuve que esperar bastante a que

se me “secara” para poder ponerme la ropa o si no se manchaba

Stains everything. It works as sunscreen well but you will stain everything you touch. Don’t


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