Kebab döner style

by Oumph!
3.88 (18)
  • Is Kebab döner style vegan? Yes! Kebab döner style is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Put these in a home made kebab with salad and sauce wrapped in a garlic

and coriander naan bread, incredible!

Brilliant product. Although I haven’t had a non vegan doner kebab in a Long

time, this was just like how I remember them to be, just tastier because it doesn’t contain cruelty and suffering

This stuff is pretty amazing to be honest! Look, taste texture Is so close to

a Doner Kabab! If you can’t get to a #whatthepitta and need that itch, scratched this is the next best thing! 😊 highly recommended! Will buy again!
🇮🇹 Questa roba è davvero incredibile ad essere onesti! Guarda, la consistenza del gusto è così simile a un Doner Kabab! Se non riesci ad arrivare a un #whatthepitta e hai bisogno di quel prurito, graffiare questa è la cosa migliore! altamente raccomandato! Comprerò di nuovo
🇪🇸 ¡Esto es bastante sorprendente para ser honesto! ¡Mira, la textura del sabor está tan cerca de un Doner Kabab! Si no puedes llegar a un #whatthepitta y necesitas esa picazón, ¡esta es la mejor opción! 😊 muy recomendado! Comprará de nuevo
🇫🇷 Ce truc est assez incroyable pour être honnête! Regardez, goûtez la texture Est si proche d'un Doner Kabab! Si vous ne pouvez pas vous rendre à un #whatthepitta et que vous avez besoin de cette démangeaison, grattez c'est la meilleure chose à faire ! hautement recommandé! Achètera encore
🇩🇪 Dieses Zeug ist ziemlich erstaunlich, um ehrlich zu sein! Schauen Sie, Geschmackstextur ist so nah an einem Döner Kabab! Wenn Sie nicht zu einem #whatthepitta kommen können und diesen Juckreiz brauchen, ist dies das Nächstbeste! sehr zu empfehlen! Werde wieder kaufen

I thought the look and texture of this product was spot on for a doner

meat substitute, but in comparison with their other products, the flavours were good but not as strong as I was expecting. By the time veg & sauces were added it still made a good tasty kebab though. 🥙
Cooked up nicely & easily enough in a little water as per pack instructions (it contains plenty of rapeseed oil already!) though the product was in a bit of a frozen clump, so took longer to cook than it should have & did so a bit unevenly.
Recommended, but does need flavourful condiments adding to bring out the best of it. 👍
#veganin2022 #veganuary2022

Very easy to make and tastes great. Just fry in water for a few minutes.

I added it to red cabbage, onion, pickles, garlic mayo on a flatbread.

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