Artificially Flavoured Chicken Soup

by Osem
3.40 (2)
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About the brand

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Most helpful reviews

It's nice to have an alternative but this brand isn't my favourite, prefer Ina Parman.

This one is a bit too salty but still good to use as a broth rather than a soup

This stock tastes absolutely amazing - my parents have become addicted to it and keep

asking their local PnP to order it. I have to keep explaining that it's unlikely they would just for them. I started buying it from Kosherworld in Johannesburg because they have such a great range of vegan fare (Urban vegan, Irene's Gourme), and deliver next day, normally*. However, on looking closely I now see palm oil (eeeek!) And MSG 😱 on the ingredients list. It's not cheap, either, but you can use it as a cuppa soup or in soups. So, I will 'poke' them with this review to find an alternative ingredient- who's with me? I'll just have to go back to Ina...
*I've recently had such bad service from their Orders section I no longer think it's worth the grief or frustration.

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