Orgain super foods and vanilla bean protein powder

by Orgain
4.77 (14)
  • Is Orgain super foods and vanilla bean protein powder vegan? Yes! Orgain super foods and vanilla bean protein powder is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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Most helpful reviews

I'm so obsessed with this protein powder, it honestly tastes like cake batter & vanilla

which is really yummy & this stuff definitely fills you up just like if you ate food, I really love this protein powder 💙

Costco hasn’t had my usual Orgain vanilla-flavored powder (from the ‘Simple’ line) in quite some

time, so I had to switch to this one after I ran out. So far, I think I like it less: the sweetener is more artificial-tasting, plus there’s a horchata-esque touch of cinnamon that plays nicely with banana and soy milk but clashes with the handful of greens that I typically add to my smoothies. It’s not a dealbreaker, I just find myself missing the more neutral taste of its predecessor. Still, this vegan #protein has several significant qualities that I think would be unfair to overlook: it emulsifies smoothly, has no chalky aftertaste, and handily outshines its competitors where value is concerned.

Tastes pretty good, has a sweet vanilla flavor. Works well in smoothies and baking.

This is my go to for breakfast, every morning I add 2 Scoops to my

almond milk, bananas, avocado oil and spinach all whipped up in my Bullet blender. Keeps me full till lunch! I have found the best price as Costco and buy 2-3 when it’s on sale (around 24.00 each) other stores sell it for twice the price for smaller containers. You can add anything you want to it and get more nutrients plus a nice pack of protein!

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