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  • Coco Mylk 55% Cacao
  • Coco Mylk 55% Cacao

Coco Mylk 55% Cacao

by Ombar


3.98 (23)

  • Is Coco Mylk 55% Cacao vegan? Yes! Coco Mylk 55% Cacao is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 57%

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23 December 2021
Coco mylk with 55% cacao!
It’s basically coconut chocolate 🥥 🍫 #veganisnotscary

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This was alright, just an average bar of chocolate 😅 It had a pretty noticeable

coconut taste that I didn’t really like. Made it a bit hard for me to get through :/ I won’t be this again.

PS I forgot to take a photo before opening it haha


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To be honest I expected this to be worse that it is, mainly because it

seems like a lil healthier chocolate.
The flavour wasn't great just okay. It wasn't that sweet like many other chocolates and I could kinda taste that it was a lil darker with 55% cacao.
My favourite part is definitely that it has a creamy consistency.

It is pretty expensive for a very small bar (like this is barely the size of my palm) which is probably because it's an "ethically produced" and organic chocolate.

All in all it was fun to try and as I said I loved the creaminess but I won't be buying this again. It was just okay flavourwise and the price is just a bit too high. I will be buying other, better tasting, chocolate instead.

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Chocolate has a little hint towards being dark chocolate but it is still very sweet

and doesn't leave you with a bitter taste. Also the coconut flavour comes out so nicely. One of my favourite chocolate to eat.

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