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Stop The Clock

by Oh So Heavenly


4.80 (5)

  • Is Stop The Clock vegan? Yes! Stop The Clock is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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12 January 2023
So my bf actually bought this, not actually for aging (i am skeptical it really

works for that) but just because it's a vegan friendly facewash. We both enjoy using it. It has a nice fresh clean smell. I like the creamy texture and it doesn't dry out my skin like many other face washes. Clearly labeled vegan and #crueltyfree

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Besides that I love all Oh So Heavenly products these are so wonderful and smell

And who doesn't like Stop The Clock and its all vegan too xxx

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Clicks products even if you are not vegan cam make an impact! So many of

their own brands are vegan and cruelty free
And the best they often have three for two which is a bargain!! Highly recommend it .

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30 June 2020
This cleanser works so nicely. Lathers well and cleanses without drying my skin out.

Beauty Without Cruelty approved 🐰

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